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Legal Services in English, French, and Spanish

People from around the world buy commercial real estate in Florida both as an investment and to operate a business. While the rewards can be high, so can the risks if you enter into a purchase and sale agreement without legal advice.

At Serfaty Law, P.A., we help clients from around the world buy and sell commercial real estate in Florida. We speak French, Spanish, and English. We often represent clients from French- and Spanish-speaking countries who wish to apply for an E2 visa based on a business investment. We also represent companies who want to open an office in the United States. While our law office is in Miami, we handle commercial real estate transactions throughout the state.

Protecting Your Interests in A Significant Investment

Many of the protections that exist for buyers of residential real estate do not exist for commercial properties. For this reason, it’s all the more important to seek the counsel of an experienced real estate lawyer before you sign a purchase and sale agreement.

When you buy commercial property, you may receive liabilities that go with the property such as environmental contamination, zoning restrictions or easements. Attorney Charles  Serfaty will ensure you receive everything you think you are getting from transaction, and do not receive unwanted liabilities.

We can assist you from the beginning of your transaction until its successful conclusion, including:

  • Reviewing the sales contract and drafting contingency clauses to protect your interests
  • Ensuring you receive clear title to the commercial property
  • Creating a business entity to hold the property
  • Reviewing any easements, zoning restrictions, or environmental issues that apply to the property
  • Negotiating repairs of defects to the property
  • Representing you at the closing

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For More Information About Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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