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Attorney Charles Serfaty

The U.S. legal system can be difficult to navigate, especially when you and your lawyer speak different languages. Even if you speak English  as a second language, you may feel more comfortable discussing legal issues in your native language. At Serfaty Law, P.A., in Miami, we are a trilingual law firm, offering immigration, real estate, and business legal services in French, Spanish, and English. Attorney Charles Serfaty is a French speaker who was born in Canada. He has nearly 30 years of legal experience.

Biography of Charles Serfaty

I was born in Canada, son of Moroccan parents. I did my schooling in Toronto until I was 16, when, looking for a better future, my parents decided to move to Florida. After graduating, I graduated in Law in America in 1989. I have been practicing law since, and today I have more than 25 years of experience.

At Serfaty Law, we advise and assist our clients in the preparation and completion of procedures and administrative procedures related to their immigration to the United States. At the same time, we practice Real Estate Law offering services including acquisitions and sales of real estate, residential leases, condominiums, and all corporate documentation related to real estate. We also work closely with property merchants, real estate agents and francophone accountants in Florida.

I have always practiced on my own, but given the needs of our community, I recently hired a Francophone associate lawyer who will be licensed in law in the coming months and joined my team to practice corporate and real estate law.

Early in my career I identified a need among the francophone community to find reliable services in their own language. This need has intensified since the 2000s, when the permanent immigration of French and Canadians to southern Florida has increased. Today, as our community of ex pats grows stronger, the flow of Francophone immigrants continues and our firm is the only one in Miami to offer you in your language the services and advice needed to facilitate your migration and protect your property and investments in the United States.

Our mind is simple: And it is to put our customers at ease in a strange land, while assuring them that their first steps in America will be done correctly, with professionalism, and with the least possible cultural Shock.

A Full-Service Florida Law Firm

We often represent clients from French- and Spanish-speaking countries who wish to obtain a U.S. visa based on an investment. We also represent clients who wish to start a business or purchase real estate. We are here to help you meet your goals.

Our committed staff members take pride on having a robust international law practice. We also represent a number of significant U.S.- and Europe-based enterprises and large institutions doing business in Latin America, the Caribbean, and around the world.

To schedule a free initial consultation with attorney Charles Serfaty, call 786-693-6251 or contact us.

Our Services

Serfaty Law, P.A., in Miami is an immigration law firm providing legal services in French, Spanish, and English. We help our clients obtain both temporary and permanent visas. While many of our clients wish to work and live in the Miami area, we serve clients throughout Florida and the United States.  In addition to helping our clients through the U.S. immigration process, we provide real estate and commercial law services to help our clients reach their employment, business, and personal goals. If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure there isn't anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text.

Buying a home or commercial property can be worrisome, especially if you are an immigrant. At Serfaty Law, P.A., we help clients from all over the world who wish to live, conduct business or buy investment property in Florida. While we are located in Miami, we can assist you with real estate transactions anywhere in the state.

Starting or buying a business in Florida is a complex process, and along the way you may encounter issues that require the assistance of an attorney. Seeking legal advice at the beginning of your venture can help you avoid costly problems later. At Serfaty Law, P.A., in Miami, we will deal with the legal issues so you can concentrate on achieving your business goals. We help clients from all over the world who open a business office or invest in a business in Florida.

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