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Choosing a business entity in Florida

If you are starting a business or buying investment property in Florida, it's important to protect yourself from personal liability. One way to do that is by choosing a properly constituted business entity.

No one should own a business or investment property under their personal name. Otherwise, you will put your personal assets at risk for anything that happens to the business or investment property.

Obtention d'un visa américain basé sur l'investissement

Les différentes façons d’immigrer aux Etats-Unis devenant de plus en plus difficiles, de nombreux ressortissants étrangers souhaitant vivre et travailler aux États-Unis le font sur la base d'un investissement commercial.

Contrairement à d'autres types de visas américains, les visas d'investissement E2 ne sont pas limités. De nombreuses personnes peuvent obtenir un visa E2 en achetant ou en créant une entreprise aux États-Unis, et pas seulement les plus aisés.

Five things to know when buying commercial real estate in Florida

People from around the world buy commercial real estate in Florida. Whether you are buying commercial property for an investment or to operate a business, here are five tips to ensure you get what you think you are getting.

1. Check land use and zoning. Is the property zoned for your intended use? Does someone else have the right to use your property through an easement? Do you share a common driveway or parking lot with owners of adjacent property? If so, do you have the easements you need?

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